BBS 8, Academic English Intermediate, Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University

School of Health Sciences, Wednesday 3rd Period, 2nd Term, 2015



[299] Topic 7 Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2018/02/03(土) 09:13 [ 返信 ]
This is a test.

[298] topic7 Name:松波 しおり Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:50 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable people is Ms. Imai. She is my teacher in charge when I was junior high school first grader. Shi is the person whom I should thank. Let me give the reason why the teacher is my unforgettable existence.
I liked working as a leader since a primary schoolchild. So I always played a role as class representatives. I hesitated, however, that I stood on the top when I became a junior high school student because there are few acquaintances. At that time, it was the teacher to have pushed my back. I worked as a class representative in the former period of the first grader.
And I would go for the election of the student council in the latter. When the things was suggested to me by her, to be frank, I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t think that I was fit for a student council officer. And I was afraid of seniors in my junior high school above all. I seemed to be said, “you act big for a first grader.” I was afraid of the eyes of the circumference. However, she was a smile and said, “it is all right because there is me” when I said so to her.
I decided to go for election. Blessed with friends, everybody cooperated. The patrol of each class and a speech for election was tense very much, but I beat seniors wonderfully and was chosen as a member of student council at last. I was glad very much. At the same time, it was full of the feelings of thanks.
Afterwards, I was chosen in the second election, I worked as a student council president at the second grader. This is the experience that is really good for me.
Thanks to Ms. Imai, I learn that I lave courage, and there is present me.(310)

[297] topic6 Name:松波 しおり Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:49 [ 返信 ]
I almost agree with them. I think that charity is not a bad thing, but can be convinced that I hear their say. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.

The first reason is that it is the way of thinking of the meaning. On earth what kind of thing is it to help the weak? Charity is social relief to be carried out for them. However, this relief prevents the present conditions of the person from turning worse, and the present conditions may not be improve. In other words, this may not be true relief. However, the weak thanks for charity and calls for help. They are not going to defeat own situation and depend on the existence of the charity. It is said that charity is harmful when we consider the thing. If there is not charity, they may be going to make the situation better even a little.

The second reason is that there is not really activity to improve the situation of the weak, which is related with what I mentioned above. They cannot escape from the weak forever unless somebody tries removing the cause that they became socially weak. It leads to helping the weak to improve the cause. So, the fault of the charity is that. However, people think that charity is the best activity for the weak. In that department, charity is harmful too.

The reasons mentioned above lead me that charity is harmful. The existence of charity deceives the weak themselves and people in the world. Charity is not bad activity, but what we must do from now on is true relief for weak. (274)

[296] topic5 Name:松波 しおり Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:48 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with this statement. Computer technology has a variety of advantages, but they are not given fairly to all people including me. Let me give three reasons for my agreement.

The first reason is that there are people who don’t have computers. If we want to use computer technology, what we have them will be a necessary precondition. These days the number of computer users is gradually increasing. That is the fact. However, it is also the fact that elderly people or poor people, for example, don’t have computers or can’t afford to buy them. In this case, there is no room for discussing “computer technology”. They are perfectly placed in a disadvantageous position.

The second reason is that understanding how to work a computer is difficult. Such as me, those who don’t make full use of it have only limited skills. So we cannot do many things that need for computer technology. We cannot understand applied technology. In contrast to us, people with computer skills have many chances. For instance, they can control the Internet. They can connect with many people all over the world. And they can do their business more efficiently. This mention can be said, for they understand the system of computer.

The third reason is that things which need for computer technology are increasing in number. Health management, household account book, music production, and even studying at school can be done with computers. The rapid spread of the Internet is also product this technology has brought to us.

The reason mentioned above lead me to believe that computer technology gives many advantages to only some people with computer skills. In the future, we have to make full use of them more than now, I think. (292)

[295] Topic4 Name:水谷雅子 Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:27 [ 返信 ]
I partly agree with this opinion. I think that specialists of all kinds must be rated and that we need more generalists who can provide broad perspectives. Two reasons will be enough to show the soundness of my opinion.

First, I give the reason why specialists must be rated. A doctor, a lawyer, and a registered architect are what we call specialists. High degree of knowledges and technical skills are required to be them. They have many knowledge and skills in their own fields, and make use of them for the benefit of society. The modern society isn’t kept without specialists.

Second, I show the reason why more generalists are needed by giving an example of medical care. When a person is taken by ambulance, an emergency medical technician have to diagnose and treat at once. The delay in diagnosis can cost him his life. The emergency medical technician must have extensive knowledges. If it is a surgeon who is in the ambulance, he maybe not make accurate diagnosis. He has enormous knowledges about surgery, but less about other part of medical, such as internal medicine and psychiatry. And what was even worse, deep knowledge can disturb seeing things from various angles.

The reasons mentioned above lead me to believe that both specialists and generalists are needed. There are not many problems that need special knowledge but also problems that require wide perspectives. That’s why I think that it is important for specialists and generalists join forces with each other. (251 words)

[294] Topic7 Name:小島 菜帆 Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:11 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Haruo. He is my grandfather. He always taked my side and supported me until he died just a year ago. I will show you two reasons why he is my unforgettable person.

First, he was a substitute for my father. My mother returned to single when I was a kindergartener. She worked everyday to bring up me and I was always left in charge of the house all day. However, I didn't feel sad or lonely at all. Because my grandfather took care of me everyday. He taught me many things and play various games or sports with me. For example, I took lessons in penmanship from him. He had good wiring and I always looked up to him. He also talked me about stories that he had experienced in his childhood. I could learn about Japanese history or wars. Moreover, he taught me arithmetic or Japanese. He always told me that studying is very important and it helps me grant my dream. I remember the words even now. He is a best teacher until now and in the future.

Second, he was always a good person who understood me. I was unable to make a decision about courses that I would take when I was a high school student. I often came in conflict with my mother about that. When I was opposed by her, he always listened my worries and became my supporter. He always supported my dream and cheered me up. I greatly appreciate him now. Only regrettable thing is that I couldn't tell him my passing the university entrance exam. I wish he is glad to hear that in the heaven.

In conclusion, my grandfather is very important and respectable person for me. That is why he is my most unforgettable person. (300 words)

[293] Topic6 Name:小島 菜帆 Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:08 [ 返信 ]
I completely disagree with their opinion. Charitys help a lot of people who have difficulties so it is very important and necessary. Let me give you two reasons for my disagreement.

The first reason is that taking part in charities can help people in really trouble. In Japan, there is a famous charity organization called "Ashinaga ikueikai." This charity organization is private organization that support children who lost their parents for disease, suicide or natural disasters. The main activity of this organization is lending scholarships based on donations to surviving children who have trouble going to high schools or universities because of the economical reasons. In 2011, this organization supply money that is not needed to repayment to 2075 children who lost their parents in The Great East Japan Earthquake and became surviving children and build facility for caring wounded children. Thus, charity organization make actions to help people in trouble usually and major disasters in Japan. Those activities make surviving children's dreams come true.

The second reason is that we can contribute to society and realize we are a part of the society through charity. Usually, we may manage to realize that we contribute to society. However, through charities, we can feel that we do ourselves best and lead to realize that we are all important existences. Thus, taking part in the charities makes us turn our eyes to society and take interests to it.

In conclusion, charity is very important for every our lives and getting chances to turn our eyes to society so I think we should take part in charities more. That is why I completely disagree with this opinion. (273 words)

[292] Topic5 Name:小島 菜帆 Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:05 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with this opinion. Let me give you two reasons for my agreement.

First, the people who specialize using computers are able to do more work and get more information and knowledge instantly by using the Internet than the people who are not good at or don't get used to using computers. In recent years, the number of jobs which people use computers in various field is increasing. In that society, people who specialized using computers can use them well, so they can take more various job. Moreover, because they can use computers speedily and exactly, they are relied on fellow workers in their workplaces. Computation processes and image processings are very difficult for people who are not good at using computers. In terms of recreations, well computer users can enjoy various recreations. For example, they can watch some movies on the Internet create movies or music and expose them and fight with people who live abroad on the Internet games.

Second, people who are not good at using computers stick their chin out on the Internet. Their computers are more likely to be infected with computer viruses than others. Moreover, private information are flew out because they are cheated by the heinos sites. What is important, they don't know riskiness of computers and how to cope with this riskiness.

Thus, among people who are good at or poor at using computers, information gaps, advantages and disadvantages are happened in those days. That is why I agree with this opinion. (252 words)

[291] topic4 Name:河合夢乃 Date:2016/02/07(日) 22:37 [ 返信 ]
I agree with the opinion that we need more generalists than specialists of all kinds. Generalists are people who can provide broad perspectives. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.

For one reason, other viewpoints may collapse if I think only in one viewpoint. For example, the environment disruption. Once we destroy the environment to make our lives better more. A certain company just discharged a bad material into the environment naturally. This did not only destroy nature but also do harm to human being. Surely this is because we think only about our profit and this cause was going to develop from a point of view of the engineering. Nature would keep if I thought about natural and healthy points of view so we needed a person who could consider about them.

For another reason, nothing happens from seeing one viewpoint but generalists sometimes bring profit by having seeing various points of view. Cola was cooked as a new medicine of the headaches in old days. However, it was bad and was not popular. One day it became delicious when a certain person poured carbonated water into the medicine. Then it came to be sold as juice. In other words, when nothing is born from one viewpoint, it sometimes produces profit in changing a point of view.

In conclusion, we need generalists because we produce profit without making danger. Of course specialists of each field are necessary to develop it but generalists should think about how they uses the technique and knowledge.(252words)

[290] topic7 Name:早川友梨 Date:2016/02/07(日) 22:04 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Mrs. Suzuki. She is my advisor teacher of the badminton club I belonged to. She is the person who is great for me and is the person whom I can respect. Let me tell you about this person.

First, I was taught the importance of continuing and the importance of not giving it up, and carrying it out till the last by her. I belonged to the badminton club in a junior high school and a high school for six years. She was an advisor of the club since my first grade at a junior high school. In other words, I almost shared every day with her for six years. When I became a high school student, most of the club activities companions of the fellow scholar year quit club activities, but I did not. Because I think that I was attracted to Mr. Suzuki while I did not notice. She has a strong power to draw the person of the circumference into her world.

Second, Mrs. Suzuki was a badminton player who participated in a national convention in old days. Now she is a badminton leader, and there is not the person who does not know her among leaders in Japan. She every day came to the gymnasium which we practiced in, and we got many appropriate advice. As I explained her greatness, she is a great person as a leader.

For these reasons, she is a great person for me from now on, and I will not forget her. (256words)

[289] Topic 6 Name:水谷雅子 Date:2016/02/07(日) 21:22 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with their opinion, and I think that charity is necessary. Let me give two reasons for my complete agreement.

First, I show the reason why charity is necessary. People who are unable to make a living, such as the poor and people who have a disaster are in hard conditions. They are unable even to live an ordinary life. They can’t change their conditions for themselves because they are all they could to live. In order to help them, charity is necessary as a clue of the change.

Second, I show the reason why I agree with Rockefeller and Carnegie. For example, I give a problem of poverty in developing countries. A relief fund and a food assistance are considered as support for them. When we try to help them by a relief fund and give money to the government of their country, we can’t know how the money will be used. The money might not be used for help poor people. In the case of a food assistance, there is a problem to notice as well. People who is poor need food, so it may be right to give them food. However, it is not enough to help their lives. If the food assistance are stopped, they will suffer from hunger again. What they need actually is not food but how to get food. The skill of growing corps in the region is needed.

I conclude that indiscriminate charity does recipient harm. You should consider them when you try to help them. (256 words)

[288] topic4 Name:河島史華 MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 20:25 [ 返信 ]
I agree to the opinion. The specialists are important, but the generalists having various knowledge is surely important. I may be going to get the work of the medical system and speak importance of the employment of the natural pattern in the healthcare setting, the importance of the generalists at two points.

At first I compared specialists of internal medicine, surgery, otolaryngology, rehabilitation and psychiatry. As a matter of course, they know a lot about the disease, treatment fantastically. Thanks to them for the modern medical progress. However, it is after a disease was found out and, in a study. It will take time to have other experts examine it until the disease is found out saying that a symptom was similar when it is the unexpected thing of the expert. Team medical care advances now, and each expert becomes the team, and things go quickly.

The generalists pay the attention to the trifling accident of the patient and may handle the work of this team alone. Of course a suitable expert can succeed it even if they cannot take it seriously because there is not the high technical knowledge.

When an elderly person is a patient, it occurs mainly. In the case of an elderly person, I take various medicine with various diseases. These diseases occur at the same time and bring about a different disease again. The experts do not make sense in this very much, and it is what kind of disease, or there is the generalists who can judge it, and, based on this result, the specialist checks it in detail. So a generalist connects recovery from disease discovery.

So, I think the generalist to be necessary and think that the balance of these two numbers is important.

[287] topic6 Name:早川友梨 Date:2016/02/07(日) 20:10 [ 返信 ]
I nearly agree with their statement. The good tendency is observed, while natural disaster, poverty, starvation, a disease, an environmental problem to worsen are greatly reported. That means that people become tolerant. It is sometimes taken up by news that rich people contributed hundreds of millions of dollars, and billions of dollars of money for a valuable purpose. However, how much will such a contribution put up result when I see it particularly in the long term? Let me tell you about this question.

First, even if charity is carried out in any purpose, a limit is in the result by all means. Why? In part, much money and a secular education cannot go away except problems such as greed, hatred, prejudice, nationalism, the principle of tribe, the wrong religious faith. The problem is not solved as far as there are these things. We feel the need of the still more strategic approach for the contribution and promote a social change, and it is necessary to aim at the basic solution of the problem.

Second, Raleigh Garrett wrote in this way. Because there is such money, there will be consider that many health problems to open all over the world are solved to be a matter of time, turning, and, however, the fact is not so. Why? Garrett cites that money-consuming bureaucracy, corruption, lack, the donator of the solidarity power are apt to limit the use of the fund to a specific health problem including the AIDS as the cause. More solidarity power and a wide field of vision are required.

The reasons mentioned above lead me to believe that the charity has a good aspect and a bad aspect, and it is important to perform properly. (287 words)

[286] topic7 Name:松崎有希奈 Date:2016/02/07(日) 18:32 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is my homeroom teacher in my high school life. I will give you some reasons.

First, he had mainly taught me math for three years. I am poor at math. Therefore when I met with difficult problems, I asked him how to solve them. His explanation was very easy to understand, so I was able to understand and to solve such problems little by little. He usually gave us many homework and carried out difficult tests anytime when we finished studying a certain unit. I did not like homework and tests, but thanks to them, I became to be able to solve complicated problems, for example, differential and integral and so on.

Second, he is very interesting and unique person. He looks like Murakami Shoji who is a Japanese comedian. However he did not do a one-shot joke of the comedian even once because his character is not similar to that of the comedian. We were sorry a little we could not see the scene where he said the joke. In addition, he is very active person. He went on a trip to Vietnam when I was second-year student. He sent postcards to us from there, so I was surprised and glad to receive it. I respect him in that he enjoys his life to the utmost.

For above reasons, he is my most unforgettable person. I have not seen him since I graduated from high school, so I want to go to my alma mater to see him.

[285] topic7 Name:河島史華 MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 17:33 [ 返信 ]
Person, it which I can never leave in the life is coach of the table tennis. He was an old man nearly 80 years old already now, and it was about time when what I came across belonged to the club activities of the seventh grader. There are two stories in what came to think so.

I felt his character to be overly friendly first. I just became a junior high student, and I who was a child disliked him, and I was not going to hear a story. Still he gave advice if he came to see a game. When I was getting used to his character, I came to go to the table tennis classroom which he hold an elementary school. One day when I wanted to play table tennis during the test period and said to him and he opened. There was only me in there. Though he did not open out during an every test period, he opened it for me early in the morning expressly. Then I do not do an unshapely game, and I becomes strong and gets a prize. I was able to take the third place in a game when I was therd grader. He was pleased very much, and he recognized me, and I have cried.

The second story, I was troubled without being able to be familiar with the club activities at the age of the high school and endured it during two months. However, he heard how I do, and talked while crying. Then he said, "you should stop it if you enjoyed it and should not play table tennis.". A feeling became ease and came to help him then in his classroom when even different form would continue favorite table tennis.

I can meet him and am very happy. He is now, advanced age, but I wish that I want you to live long without changing forever.

[284] Topic 5 Name:水谷雅子 Date:2016/02/07(日) 15:30 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with this statement. The gap between people who can use the computer, the Internet and people who can’t use it is called digital divide. This is the large problem in the world. Two examples will be enough to show the utter soundness of this opinion.

The first reason is that people who can’t use computer can less information. Information can be get from books, newspapers, and TV. You can know many things from them, but more things from the Internet. Nowadays many people show and exchange information on the Internet, so you can get them easily.

The second reason is that people who can use computer can lead more convenient and comfortable life than people who can’t. For example, when you can’t walk because of a broken bone, you can make an order and get food could you use the Internet. It is convenient for people who are old and are physically handicapped. If they can’t use computer, they have walk to a distant supermarket.

So in the end I would like to point out that computer technology makes a large gap. The younger generation can easily get knowledges and skills, and often use computer; it is hard for the elder generation to learn how to use computer, and they can’t use it. The gap between the rich and the poor makes digital divide as well. In order to close this disproportion, it is necessary to hold some courses of computer and spread the Internet over larger area.(251words)

[283] topic7 Name:松井秀美 Date:2016/02/07(日) 14:58 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable persons are teachers when I was second grade of junior high school and second grade of high school. Let me give a reason and a pair of each story for my opinion.

These are common reasons between two teachers. It is that my life is influenced by them strongly. They help me to decide on the course to take after graduation.

When I was junior high school student, I do not know which high schools I have to go. I was hesitate two high schools. Then, my teacher say me, ``One is high level school. If you go, you might spend hard life. `` By this word I decide to another school.

When I was high school student, I do not know which class I have to go; it is formation of classes according to students’ individual levels of academic achievement. I did not want to go high level class, because I thought I could not keep up with the class. Then my teacher say me, ``You have some possibility of going to Nagoya University. If you want to go, you should go high level class.`` I thought about my life and course very much. After, I thought I want to try so I went to high level class.

So in the end I would like to say that teachers know a lot of things than us, and they are specialist of course. Perhaps, you think I choose easy course when I was junior high school student. Actually, as a result I could enter in this university. I was very happy. So I think my selection was not a mistake. I was helped by teachers very much so I am thankful to these teachers. (287words)

[282] topic5 Name:松井秀美 Date:2016/02/07(日) 14:57 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with this statement. This is a right statement. People who can use the computer benefit than people who can not use. It is what we call the digital divide. Let me give a pair of reasons for my agreement.

The first reason is that you can get a lot of information from the Internet with computer. The information may be useful, interesting, good and exciting for you. On the Internet, you can check the latest information and you can find it easily and at once. So you do not spend useless time and use futile force. Actually there are bad and false information on the Internet. We have to assess that the information are true or false.

The second reason is that we are needed skills to use computers in the office and school because there are a lot of opportunity to use the computer. For example, this class. We have to write our original opinions and send them by using our computers. If you could not use computer very well, you would take much more time to hand in this essay. And that become difficult for you. Another example is in the office. There are a lot of tasks by using computers. If you could not use computer, you would not get tasks. You can not do any ting in the office.

So in the end I would like to say that computers are required in our lives. We have to learn skills to use computers. (250words)

[281] topic 7 Name:水谷雅子 Date:2016/02/07(日) 11:01 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Tsuneo Mizutani. He is my grandfather, who died two years ago. Let me give two examples showing that why he is a special, precious person for me.
The first reason is that Tsuneo is the person who is close to me. Since I was a child, my mother and father have worked from morning to night. He took care of me while my parents ware out. He also named me Masako. I remember him taking me to the park, the baseball stadium, and the amusement park. He also taught me studies such as math and science. When I had a problem, he always listened to me and encouraged me. He did not take part in consultation but also thought what I should do with me. I spent most of my time with him. I felt relaxed with him.
The second reason is that he always considered me first. He got cancer of the liver, and went into a hospital about three years ago. I went to go visit him often. Every time I saw him, he smiled at me in order to reassure me. I was concerned about his physical condition, then he always said that he was all right. In the funeral of him, his friend said“I have heard a lot of you from Tsuneo. You have the good grandfather.”
For these reasons mentioned above, I say that my grandfather Tsuneo is my special. He is the grandfather I proud of. His words and gentleness encourage me even now. (258words)

[280] topic7 Name:河合夢乃 Date:2016/02/07(日) 10:07 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is my senior in the college group I join. I respect and long in him. Let me give two reasons.

The first reason, he took a trip to the world alone. He took a leave of absence from school for a year. Then he went back to Japan and I listened to him. He went to the cormorant uni-salt lake in Bolivia and Machu Picchu in Peru and so on. These place are beautiful and mysterious so they are popular among people of the world. I also want to go to them. He show me the pictures he took there. They are very beautiful and my desire is stronger. I want to go to the world many place because I think we should experience only at the place we visit.

The second reason, he change the uneasiness to the pleasure. It is not only pleasant at all to take a trip all over the world. There are danger and difficulty. My senior told me that he have found a place to stay at on the day in India. I did not believe that. If I am not selected a place to stay at on the day in feign countries I am very uneasy, but he enjoyed the situation. He has great nature and is optimistic. I think I have to be like him in taking a trip.

In conclusion, my most unforgettable person is the person who accomplish what I want to do. I also make an effort to take a trip.

[279] topic6 Name:河合夢乃 Date:2016/02/07(日) 10:01 [ 返信 ]
I believe that charity is necessary and beneficial. John D.Rockefeller’s opinion is absurd. There are two reasons I can give for my agreement.

For one reason, charity enable the people who are in trouble help. In the first place, when they become independent of it they have to live an underlying life, so we give them what they live on. For example, food, medicine, clothes and houses. They also have their own possibility but they do not achieve it because they are poor. The possibilities may help the world become better, so we must provide the good environment for them. They can make an effort to grant their dream.
For the other reason, we can feel comfortable when we join charity. What helps the poor people is very good. When I was a junior school student, the big earthquake named Higashinihon Daishinsai occurred. It is hard for many people who live in the east Japan to live. I thought that I wanted to be even slightly helpful for them. Then I joined a group which contributed things and money to them. We gather money, school bags, pencils, shoes and notes. I did not know where the things and moneys were gone specifically but I got sense of accomplishment. I think what I did is not wrong and people who I probably help are happy.

For these reasons, I am justified in concluding that charity is useful and essential. It leads the recipient and people who supply to become glad and good. (251words)

[278] topic5 Name:山中祐季 Date:2016/02/07(日) 08:02 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with this opinion. Let me give some reasons.

Computer is very useful and essential for all people. The internet technology continues progressing every day. It is an advantage that it can send information to anyone freely. However, it can become the fault.

First, it becomes the cause that the computer causes a crime. For example, in the company, it is spent money illegally. It is called usurpation. I take information outside and I am to meddle with the money of the company on account of individual without permission. As for this some people right obtain an unfair profit; is typical.

Second, it is hacking. It is to let it invades the PC which is unrelated to oneself, and an evil deed act. And information is stolen, and the causes that the contents of the homepage are transferred to without permission occur frequently. The internet spreads out in the world and can invade freely in that if you know even the place to stay of the partner. In this way, a leak of personal information and various cases are caused. Now, security is regarded as important to prevent such a thing. I follow privacy, and internet original value is born if all users are available comfortably.

In conclusion, I think that computer technology gives good unfair advantage at the same time to give good advantage depending on how to handle to us. We must use the convenient computer definitely.

[277] Topic 7 Name:丹羽輝久子 Date:2016/02/06(土) 23:55 [ 返信 ]
@ My most unforgettable person is a teacher, Mr. Yoshikawa. He taught me English when I was a high school student. He was also my homeroom teacher for two years. When the students could not answer his questions during his classes, he scolded them from time to time. So, at first, I was afraid of him a little, but as time went by, I came to think that he was a good teacher. Let me offer a pair of reasons why I think he is special to me.
A For one reason, he lives in the city same as me. We got on the train at the same station to go to school. So I often met him at the station and had various talks with him on my way to the school.
B For the other reason, he greatly supported me. He was in charge of my class when I was a third year student in high school. He told me many things about universities and studying for entrance examinations. One winter day, I did not feel like studying. Then, “you should go out and do physical exercise or drink very bitter coffee.” he said with a smile. Although I did neither do exercise nor try drinking bitter coffee, the words made me laugh and cheered me up. When I was troubled by my course after graduation, he always lent me an ear and gave me encouraging advices.
C To conclude, he has much humaneness and tries his best to support me. So I have great respect and gratitude for him. (262words)

[276] topic5 Name:早川友梨 Date:2016/02/06(土) 22:29 [ 返信 ]
I completely agree with this statement. Some people make easy use of computers, while others do not make use of them well. The former gets several kinds of merits, but the latter does not get them. Let me give a pair of examples for my complete agreement.

First, recently, computer technology has been more and more complicated. For example, they created many kinds of functions; the Internet, E-mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. These functions are really convenient, but elderly people and children have difficulty in using them. Only people who have a large stock of computer knowledge can use them according to their purposes. As I have explained, complicated computer technology does not make all people more convenient.

Second, these days almost all the people have their own Smartphones. The smartphones are closer for us more than computers. However, their users have many risks in terms of security system. There is something illegal in various applications and internet sites, and we can be involved in trouble, while we do not notice. To stop this, we always have to know this and be careful. Moreover, everyone has to know the existence of a lot of risks like this.

For these reasons mentioned above, computer technology need to develop increasingly to give us a fair advantage.

[275] topic7 Name:上瀬 佳菜 Date:2016/02/06(土) 18:44 [ 返信 ]
 My most unforgettable person is Ms. Ihara. She was a teacher in my junior high school. I was a member of softball tennis club. And she was an advisor of the club. I feel really grateful to her very much.

When I was in the first grade, an advisor of the club was an old man. Because our team was very weak, we were defeated in the first round of city tournament. While participating in club activities, we did not practice being physically hard but also play tennis happily noisily. An exercise menu did not have a muscular workout and a long distance running at all. Furthermore, there was almost none of the top and bottom relations of the senior younger student, too.

When I became a student in the second grade, the teacher came over. She said this was a tennis ‘doukoukai’ not tennis ‘club’. As soon as she became our advisor, she required us running for acquiring physical strength and speaking. We disliked her who changed fun club activities into a hard thing for us. When we stay to the last eight in our district qualifier, we can advance to the next meeting. She said, “If you stay to the last eight, I have my hair cropped short.”

We learned the pleasure of gradually working on club activities seriously, and the technique improved little by little, too. On the day before last meeting of the third grader, she said, “Present you seem to really stay to the last eight, and it cannot be said that I have my hair cropped short.” Unfortunately it was best sixteen. We were regrettable and cried.

Ms. Ihara, she taught the pleasure of working on club activities seriously. Therefore, she is my most unforgettable person. (292words)

[274] topic7 Name:石川愛梨 Date:2016/02/06(土) 14:36 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Ms. Fukushima. I will show you why I chose her.

She is a biology teacher when I was a high school student. She was very good at teaching us biology. The teacher, though who was a stern teacher, always taught us again and again until I understood. Some students were introduce a reference book in accord with a level separately from a class. Thanks to that, our biological score was very higher than other subjects of trial examinations. I did not like this subject, but it became favorite subject after taking her lessons.

She was a music club adviser. I joined this club. Not only she instructed it, but also she played a violin together. The sound that she made told us an ideal sound fantastically. We aimed at this sound. One day, members had a quarrel about musical performance. The teacher heard each person’s claim. “I was able to understand that all the members wanted to say. I do not think that somebody was wrong. You should talk this problem out until all the members agree to it!” she said. We talked for a long time as we were said to the teacher. It became the serious atmosphere. However, we finally found the answer that all the members understood. Furthermore, owing to talk properly, the feeling of all the members became one and we was able to play a better performance.

She is a teacher and a leader that I can be most respected of people who I have ever met. I will not forget her all the time.

[273] topic7 Name:瀧崎恭弘 Date:2016/02/05(金) 16:27 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is my high school teacher, who is tennis club adviser. I will explain why he is the most unforgettable person.

Name of my most unforgettable person is Ishikawa. I enrolled in the local high school and belonged to the tennis club. He was the tennis club adviser, so he instructed me about tennis skill. That time, I was beginner and few know about tennis. He came to club sometimes, but I was instructed each time.

The most unforgettable event happen when my first summer training camp. I had participated in some competitions a few weeks before I had first summer training camp. The competitions were first experience for me about tennis, so I lost in the first round of the all competitions and cannot be satisfied with those results. The summer training camp started in bad condition. I tried to develop my skill, but did not feel that my skill improve. Then, I have a chance to play tennis with Mr. Ishikawa. He was old age but had a good skill of tennis. The result was totally defeated although I was more energetic. I asked him what I was lack. He answered me about my lack of enjoyable.

His answer seemed to be natural to me, but later I notice that I cloud not play tennis with enjoying. Since then, I have tried to enjoy tennis in practice and game. His answer turned me a lot. I still play tennis and can enjoy. Without his speech, I could not continue tennis until now. He save my tennis life.

[272] topic7 Name:田中里歩 Date:2016/02/05(金) 13:51 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Mr. Ishizaki. He was an adviser of track and field club when I was a junior high school student.

He has been transferred to my junior high school at the same time that I enroll in the school. It seems he was a famous adviser in the previous junior high school. He seems to have led many students to the national convention. In the beginning I was a sprinter but I became a long-distance athlete in the middle of the first year because I was recommended to him. First, frankly speaking, I hated him. I liked running, but I didn’t like hard training. I was got angry strictly at by him every time I skip hard practice. However, thanks to these practice, I run faster and faster. I was able to take part in prefectural tournament every tear. Certainly he was a strict man, but he was the right person.
When I was a high school student I belong to the club of track and field. Then I was surprised that there are no adviser to train the long-distance athletes. I was glad to that I can practice freely, but I was also sad that no one see my practice. It was not until I become a high school student I noticed that Mr. Ishizaki was a good teacher. Now, I am grateful to him.

When I have passed the university, I went to see him with my friend after an interval of three years. We told that we are grateful to him. Once I become a little more adult, I want to go the dinner with him and talk about various things. (278words)

[271] topic6 Name:松浦慶季 Date:2016/02/05(金) 13:38 [ 返信 ]
I agree to their opinions. Let me give reasons for my agreement.

Nowadays the number of the rich is increasing in the world, and an amount of money for donation seem to increase. Thanks to it, many schools, libraries, hospitals, parks, museums and so on are built in poor countries. Similarly, still more food came to be supplied to the countries which suffered poverty by a project to plan increase of a crop and the food production of crops. Not only the financial support for the purpose of the medical promotion promoted medical progress, but also it contributed to destruction such as the yellow fever of illness.

However, Even if philanthropy is carried out in any purpose, a limit is in the result by all means. This is because it cannot leave except problems such as greed, hatred, prejudice, nationalism, the principle of tribe, the wrong religious faith only for money. In addition, the support does not make sense even if we do much support so much if a recipient is not going to become independent.

In this way, the charity in the world develops surely, and spreads and saves many people. Although, there are a lot of people who cannot yet steal out of their poor life. I think that it is important for the financial support, but it is important above all to convey various techniques, and to teach a way of the education so that the standard of living of poor people rises. So, I agree with them and want to join a philanthropy.(255)

[270] topic7 Name:赤川優里菜 Date:2016/02/05(金) 13:35 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Mr. Yamauchi. He was my class teacher when I was a high school student, and he teaches math. There are two reasons why I chose him.

First, he advised me about an entrance examination for a university. I entered Nagoya University, but I thought to take an entrance examination to a different university. I want to be a nurse, so I chose the university because it has the course of a nursing and I could enter the university. When I had a consultation about the course after graduation with him, he suggested me to take an examination for Nagoya University. I collected information about Nagoya University, then I decided to take the examination. Now I am one of the Nagoya University students and pleased with the school life. I am grateful to him for the suggestion.

Second, he was an interesting man. He was popular among students. Some female students called him Ikemen, which came from his appearance, or Uddei, which came from his name and a cartoon character. Uddei is a good nickname, but Ikemen is very funny. I thought he would be embarrassed if he was called Ikemen. However, he allowed students to call so and seemed to like the name. Then I remembered he knew his own good looks. It was very interesting.

For these reasons, I cannot forget him. He is one of the best class teachers. There are many teachers at Nagoya University, so I hope to see such teacher there. (251 words)


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